Building a Music Library for Advent and Christmas

My children are ages 1, 3, and almost 5, so our family Advent and Christmas traditions are still pretty green. But we have settled into a few rhythms the last couple of years, including the start of a music library. Here I’ll share some resources we use during this season.

We own and listen to these albums:

I like that this album follows the traditional English Lessons and Carols pattern, weaves Scripture readings throughout, and has introduced our family to new carols.

These Maestro Classics are excellent (more about this another time). This engaging version of The Nutcracker holds my kids’ attention and we listen to it over and over. Excellent production quality too.

My husband and I went to one of Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God concerts several years ago. His work here continues to move and encourage me. And for the last two Advent seasons, I’ve also read the beautiful companion book by Russ Ramsey for my personal study.

Every track on the G.T. and the Halo Express CDs features a Bible verse set to music. I memorized many verses this way as a child and I am glad my boys are able to learn them too. The storylines acted out between the songs are sometimes cheesy to my adult ears, but the songs are catchy and help the boys learn scripture, so these CDs are valuable additions to our library. This album centers on the Christmas story.

Spotify is an indispensable tool for me. It lets me test out music before purchasing it. I use it regularly to curate playlists or find ones already made by others. Here is my playlist of some Christmas Favorites that we listen to around the house or in the car.