My Favorite books of 2022

Here are five books that caught and kept my attention this year. I returned to all of them at some point, hunting for a sentence that resonated, rereading a strategy to try, or rereading whole chapters to catch the beauty of the writing again. I think all of them are worthwhile reads.

Making Sense Out of Suffering
by Peter Kreeft

The Life We’re Looking For
by Andy Crouch
(I shared some excerpts from the book in this newsletter).

Gates of Excellence
by Katherine Paterson
(Whether she’s talking about her work as a writer, faith, motherhood, wonder, or really anything else, Katherine is funny, humble, interesting, and wise).

Habits of the Household
by Justin Whitmel Earley

Talking About Race
by Isaac Adams

**Here are a few books I hope to read in 2023: The Gentlemen in Moscow, Everything Sad is Untrue, and Tending the Heart of Virtue.**

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